Kill High Interest Rates in Ontario Canada Without Tenants Using AirBNB in 2023

Kill High Interest Rates in Ontario Canada Without Tenants 2023


In the current real estate landscape, 2023 has presented some unique challenges, including a recession and soaring interest rates. These conditions have left first-time homebuyers and investors uncertain about entering the market. However, there is a solution that allows you to offset costs, avoid the complexities of long-term rentals, and retain flexibility over your property – short-term rentals.

In this blog post, we will explore three reasons why short-term rentals are a beneficial strategy to consider, especially during these uncertain times.

1.Licensing Short-Term Rentals:

Across Ontario, major cities have implemented licensing regulations for short-term rentals. By renting out a portion of your property as a short-term rental, you can legally operate a profitable business. Unlike traditional long-term tenants, short-term rental guests do not have tenancy rights, offering you greater control over your property. This allows you to sell, renovate, or refinance your property with ease, as you can simply turn off your listing and manage the property without dealing with long-term tenant complications.

2. Increased Cash Flow with Short-Term Rentals:

Short-term rentals, particularly on platforms like Airbnb, can yield higher cash flow compared to long-term rentals. During peak seasons, you could potentially double or triple your income from a short-term rental unit. Even in slower months, the returns may still surpass those of traditional long-term rentals. With increased cash flow, you can better manage your expenses and use the extra funds to invest in your property or save for the future.

3. Flexibility and Control Over Your Property:

One of the significant advantages of short-term rentals is the ability to maintain control over your property. If you need to sell, renovate, or make changes, you can easily turn off your listing and proceed without the constraints of long-term tenants. This flexibility allows you to respond to market changes swiftly and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Embracing Short-Term Rentals:

If you are a first-time homebuyer or investor worried about the challenges of long-term tenants and high interest rates, short-term rentals may be the ideal solution for you. With short-term rentals, you can:

  • Offset mortgage costs by renting out a portion of your property for short-term stays.
  • Enjoy the benefits of increased cash flow, especially during peak seasons.
  • Have greater flexibility to sell, renovate, or refinance your property without the complexities of long-term tenancy.

However, it’s essential to consider that short-term rentals require some initial investment, such as furnishing and professional photography. Despite this, the potential benefits make it a promising strategy for those seeking to enter the market without being tied to long-term rental agreements.


In the midst of challenging economic conditions and high-interest rates in 2023, short-term rentals provide a viable solution for first-time homebuyers and investors. Licensing your property for short-term rentals not only generates increased cash flow but also offers flexibility and control over your property. By embracing short-term rentals, you can navigate the uncertainties of the real estate market while positioning yourself for future success.

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