About Us

Our foundations lie in our desire to be Real Estate Investors. We initially started off our journey to become financially free and have safe retirement. As we expanded our knowledge and network we started to grow a passion for providing unique housing through various strategies.

As Real Estate Investors, Agents, and Rental Specialists we are able to provide a unique experience for our clients. We have tools from our various roles that assist us in analyzing deals with multiple exit strategies. As a result we are able to assist people with different types of investment goals. We have access to many professionals such as designers, contractors, cleaners, handymen, and others. We share out power team with our clients so they too can practice investing effectively.

Our Journey

We started off in the Hamilton real estate market by doing multifamily deals where we found properties with value-add opportunities such as adding legal units. We learned a lot in this process in dealing with permitting, design and construction.

As we got to the finishing stages we had begun to explore different rental strategies for filling our units. This is when we came across the short term rental strategy. Through research and experience we were able to create a system for our properties which resulted in high occupancy through use of platforms such as AirBNB.

We continued to grow this business model and we are actively expanding within Ontario and in some U.S markets.

Our Future Goals

We hope to expand and reach to a point where we are able to positively impact larger communities and have a positive impact on the modern developments in the Real Estate world. We believe we are headed in the right direction as we continue to build relationships that compliment this initiative.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We’ve already done the work and made the investments required for different strategies in the Real Estate world. When you work with us you get full access to our resources. Further we are open to learning and expanding our networks. We would love to learn from you as well!

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