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How to Build Wealth Through Real Estate in Canada
The purpose of buying and holding real estate should be to build wealth overtime. The greatest benefit of real estate investing is to help you achieve financial freedom long-term.

As an experienced investment-focused real estate agent in Ontario, I can guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions. Let’s discuss your goals and find the best opportunities together

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Investment property deal in Hamilton ON

Property Highlights

Purchase: $615k
Reno: $150k
Closing/Holding Costs: 24k
After Repair Value: $925k- $950k

Annual Return on Cash Invested: $91%
Cash Recovered at Refinance: 80%
Rental Income: $5450/Monthly

We Provide unique opportunities for ON investment property sellers and investors looking to grow their real estate investment portfolios for better returns. 

We specialize in working with investment properties (multi-family, commercial, retail, single family) and are able to better understand the needs of our clients because we are investors ourselves. We leverage the resources we have built through years of relationship building are able to provide power teams in all aspects of Real Estate.

Our experience with single family, multifamily, commercial, short-term rentals and other types of investments allows us to get you the results you need!

BRRR Investment Strategy





BRRR investment strategy
BRRR investment strategy
BRRR investment strategy
BRRR investment strategy

Buy a property that allows you to add value and make improvements such as adding a basement unit

Understand the scope of the renovation and establish a budget and timeline to get the desired end result

Use the rental income and the increase in the property’s value to refinance the property by getting a new mortgage. You are recycling the money you put towards the down payment, renovation and other costs.

Once your funds are recovered. Repeat the process with another property and scale up your portfolio.

Investment Property Example

Purchase: $650k
Renovation: $100k
Refinance Value: $850k

Hamilton, ON

As investors ourselves, we purchased this outdated bungalow and through our expert craftsmanship and keen eye for detail, we’ve transformed it into a stunning, fully compliant legal duplex. Using the BRRR strategy, we were able to pull our money out and repeat the process.

We understand the demand investors have for licensed agents that understand the intricacies of simple and complex Real Estate deals alike

is it better to invest in Hamilton or Toronto. Purchasing an investment property in Hamilton, ON

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, we take pride in finding great deals that align with your investment goals. We conduct detailed analyses of each property, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

As an experienced real estate agent with a laser focus on investors, Danish possesses in-depth knowledge and skills that enable you to achieve maximum value for your money. We understand the importance of putting our clients first, and work tirelessly to ensure you feel valued, understood, and confident in your investment decisions.

Our approach is collaborative and personalized – we work closely with each client to gain a comprehensive understanding of your budget and comfort level, and tailor our search to your unique needs.

good Investment property in Hamilton, ON

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Real Estate Services in Ontario: GTA, Hamilton, Niagara Region & Surrounding Areas!

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  • Assisting Investors in Scaling Their Portfolio
  • Offering Consultation For New Investors and First-time Home Buyers
  • Finding Cottage Properties
  • Finding Short-term Rental Properties
  • Providing Power Teams for Investor Portfolios

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  • Fort Erie, ON
  • Welland, ON

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