Invest in Recession Proof Real Estate Near Toronto for 30% Less!

Recession Proof Real Estate Investing in Hamilton

Hamilton Real Estate Offers Value

  • Desirable areas with great tenant profile
  • Recession Proof Asset
  • Detached properties Under 700k
  • Cashflow Even with High Interest Rates
  • 50k Annual Rental Income from One Home
  • High Return on Investment

Why I Chose to Invest in Hamilton

Years ago I was looking to buy my first investment property in the Greater Toronto Area. I looked at many different cites but could not find any Properties that made sense to invest in. Condos were overpriced and with all the extra monthly fees I realized I would be paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Buying a house in the GTA was not really an option as most decent size houses were starting at a 900k price point!

My desire to find a sound investment led me to areas within driving distance outside the GTA. I recalled going to Hamilton multiple times to visit friends that went to University there. One of my friends actually owned a rental property near McMaster University. I started to explore the different options for Real Estate Investing in Hamilton and it was simply a much better choice. The rents were similar to the GTA, maybe slight lower but the price of properties was almost 30-40% less! Instead of paying out of pocket monthly to hold an asset, I would be cashflowing hundreds of dollars a month.

What Hamilton Has to Offer to Investors

Outside of basic numbers the Hamilton Real Estate Market has a lot of growth to experience. There are massive development projects happening across the city. Fundamentally, the city is equipped to handle more growth. There are numerous hospitals, schools, universities and other employers to encourage population growth. Access my Guide below for more detailed info!

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