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Building Wealth and Passive Income Through Real Estate is Still Possible If You Live in the GTA.

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The Real Estate market has been shaken up this past year this has brought fear and uncertainty for the average investor. On the hand, there have been numerous opportunities due to this very same factor. My clients and I have used the fear in the market to put pressure on sellers and get 10’s of $1000s off of properties. We were not able to do this before due to the extreme demand in the market, but now it is more necessary than ever to get deals under market value. This strategy protects us from any further decline in the market and keeps our money well invested!

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Find True Investment Value in Hamilton

  • Desirable areas with great tenant profile
  • Recession Proof Asset
  • Detached properties Under 700k
  • Cashflow Even with High Interest Rates
  • 50k Annual Rental Income from One Home
  • High Return on Investment

When I was searching for my first investment property in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), I found it challenging to find an affordable option. Condos were overpriced, and houses started at a whopping 900k price point.

That’s when I started exploring the real estate investment opportunities in Hamilton. What I found was surprising – properties were almost 30-40% less than those in the GTA, with similar rents. I realized I could be cash flowing hundreds of dollars a month instead of paying out of pocket to hold an asset.

Aside from the affordability, Hamilton has a thriving economy, diverse population, and growing number of amenities – all making it a sound investment choice.

Now, with interest rates at historic highs, investing in Hamilton makes even more sense for GTA-area investors like me. If you’re also struggling to find a suitable investment property in the GTA, don’t give up hope. Consider Hamilton as the ideal investment choice for you.

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